Tips for Knowing if a Pool Company Is A+

If you’re planning on adding a swimming pool to your backyard for your family and friends to enjoy, then it’s only natural that you’d want to hire the best local company for the job. However, do you know how to choose a pool builder that’s right for your project? There are many factors that can influence whether or not a Read More

The Health Benefits of Swimming

Looking for a fun way to stay in shape? Then put on your goggles and start swimming! This popular exercise is accessible to older adults and children alike and offers numerous health benefits. But why is swimming good for you? Here’s an overview of three impactful health benefits you’ll experience when you start swimming laps in the pool.Read More

Beginners Guide to Pool Maintenance

While owning a pool in your backyard is great for entertainment, exercise, parties, and cooling down, maintaining it is another story. There are many components that must be kept clean and functional in order for a swimming pool to be safe to use. However, if it is your first time owning one, it may be difficult to know where to Read More

6 Common Pool Problems in Winter

As you close up your pool and head inside as the nights get darker, you might think your backyard pool is safe because it is not in use. However, there are a number of damages your pool can sustain during the winter season. Here are six common winter pool problems that new and longtime pool owners alike should remember before Read More

Why is My Pool Losing Water?

You probably don’t use your swimming pool every day — even if you live in an area where it’s possible to take a quick daily dip — but most pool owners do notice when water loss occurs. No matter your area or the season, though, your pool probably loses a couple of inches per week due to numerous natural causes. Read More