How Does Rain Affect My Pool?

If you are a new pool owner, you may wonder what effect, if any, rainwater will have on your pool. The truth is that rain can affect both the chemistry of the water and the ability of the skimmer to function optimally. Let’s look at what can happen to your pool during rainfall and what you can do about it.Read More

The Popularity of Swim-Up Bars

One of the coolest features you could possibly introduce to your pool is a swim-up bar. It’s not a new concept in any way, but there’s a good reason why it has remained such a popular choice among homeowners – young and old.Read More

How to Keep Wildlife Away from Your Pool

Keeping wildlife away from a pool isn’t always an easy task. A swimming pool is an ideal location for a variety of animals, such as frogs, snakes, raccoons, and many different insects. Larger animals may also be attracted to your swimming pool due to a lack of available water in the area. Taking a few preventative measures is essential in … Read More