How to Design Your Dream Swimming Pool

A backyard pool is more than just a swimming pool. It’s your personal haven. It takes time, research, and a lot of planning to create a piece of paradise in your home. Carlton Pools aims to make this experience educational and enjoyable for all prospective pool owners. Get started building your dream pool by reading the following article, then contact Read More

The Importance of Pool Chemicals

Although we have now entered the off-season, it’s never too late to discuss the importance of pool chemicals. Testing your pool water and adding the right amount of chemicals is essential maintenance in keeping a pool healthy for everyone to enjoy during the summer. What you may not know is that you should be balancing your pool in the winter Read More

Tips on Maintaining a Pool During Off-Season

Many homeowners think that off-season pool maintenance consists of draining the pool water and throwing a pool cover on. That’s it. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Being a pool owner is a full-time responsibility that requires year-round maintenance for part-time enjoyment. Proper care and protection of your pool equipment during the colder months involves draining the pool water to the Read More

How to Drain Your Swimming Pool with a Siphon

The water level in a correctly installed and maintained pool will tend to remain fairly constant, depending on the local weather and how many people typically use the swimming pool. When heavy rain or an acute chemical imbalance necessitates a reduction in the water volume, it’s often easier on your pump to remove the excess from your pool by hand. Read More

Things to Consider When Adding a Pool to Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you use your backyard to exercise, entertain, or relax, no outdoor living space is truly complete without a pool to accompany it. As one of the top swimming pool companies serving Berks County, PA, Carlton Pools has helped homeowners across the region transform their backyards into the ultimate poolside retreat. Before you dive into your backyard renovation project, here are Read More