Personalize Your Pool with Custom Renovations and Add-Ons

Closing the pool for the winter can evoke feelings of sadness, being that the leisure days of going for a swim or just hanging out by the pool in the warm sunshine, are over. However, looking on the bright side, winter won’t last forever and soon we will be once again welcomed with warm, sunny days. But, until then, cheer up with topnotch pool maintenance services and renovation projects to enhance the experience of your outdoor oasis while keeping it in top condition. Have you thought about upgrading your pool to be the ultimate water entertainment paradise? You might not want to close the pool just yet!

Imagine relaxing in your own beautiful pool retreat complete with all the amenities you desire.  What an amazing feeling! You may not be able to jump into your backyard pool paradise until spring arrives, but here are several renovation features that will satisfy your yearning for water activities.

Fountains – If your pool seems to be lacking in excitement, consider having a fountain or two installed. There is more to them than being aesthetically pleasing – they provide soothing sounds and amusement for children. There are a variety of fountain designs available on the market.

Waterfalls – If you want to feel like you are in a faraway resort, then waterfalls would definitely do the trick. They visually transform your pool into a utopia of tranquility and bring a natural element to the scene.

Scuppers – Scuppers are a type of addition on the pool that creates a clean cut sheet of flowing water. This feature is ideal for enhancing the look of the pool’s hardscape.

LED Underwater Lights – If you want to go for a late night swim, how will you be able to see? Rather than rely on that annoying outdoor spotlight, opt for underwater LED lights instead. Their ability to change colors gives the pool a stunning appearance.

New Tiling – Perhaps the interior of your pool looks a little unsightly and could use a makeover. Having new tiling installed gives you the opportunity to improve the interior’s look. You can make it uniquely your own by incorporating different colors, stones, tiles or shells.

Spa addition – Need a better place to relax in your pool? Having a spa added to your existing pool can reap many benefits for your lifestyle. It feels soothing, provides space for socializing and offers privacy.

Corner Stairs or Underwater Seating – Have the bottom of your pool molded to form seating arrangements or stairs. The new accessibility will give your pool a refreshed vibe.

Other features you can revamp your pool with include energy efficient components and salt water systems. Although they won’t affect the appearance of your pool, they can reduce the cost of your energy bills and use of chemicals. We build custom swimming pools in Bucks County, PA, Montgomery County, Berks and Lehigh County, anywhere in New Jersey and Eastern PA and we will be sure to accomplish any renovation project we take on. If you want to learn more about our work, check out our Carlton Pools reviews and video testimonials.

We specialize in conducting pool renovations even in the cold weather months of the year. If you would like to consult with an associate on our team regarding your renovation ideas, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!