The Carlton Difference

Substance And Strength Beyond The Beauty

carlton-differneceSince our inception in 1973, we have installed thousands of quality in-ground concrete swimming pools that feature The Carlton Difference. Our state-of-the-art structure will give you a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment in your own backyard.

It starts with the strongest construction specification in the industry. The most important differences you’ll find in a Carlton Pool are often hidden from view. Our practices of using only 1/2″ steel reinforcing rods, of building a 14″ Frost and Bond beam, and of using 12″ of concrete at all stress points are just some of the construction specifics that set us apart.


The Hydraulic System

We design every Carlton Pool with eight points of water circulation and two wide mouth skimmers along with a Set Double Anti-Vortex Main Drains to draw water into the pool filter. Subsequently, two directional wall returns and three solar recirculation floor returns bring clean filtered water back to the pool. The result, superior water quality and circulation throughout the pool.

Unparalleled Standards

Standard Features:

  • Rock Partners Agreement: We will provide up to 2 days of rock removal without any additional cost to the customer.
  • 1/2 inch steel reinforcing rods are used in all construction, as opposed to 3/8 inch steel rods used by many other builders
  • 8 inch thick concrete side walls and floor used for all stress points
  • 14 inch Frost Bond Bean provides additional strength and rigidity to the pools structure
  • 12 inch thick footer around the pools perimeter
  • Jandy Cartridge Filter System will filter the finest debris to insure crystal clear water
  • Jandy Stealth Pump with “Quiet Technology”, the largest trap basket on the market and energy saving efficiency
  • Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner keeps your pool debris free while saving you money because it runs off the existing pool pump
  • In-Floor Circulation System, exclusive to Carlton Pools, is designed to maximize water circulation and minimize chemical and energy cost
  • Set Double Anti-Vortex Main Drains effectively removes debris from the pool and provides several layers of anti-entrapment for your loved ones
  • A Carlton Pools Customer Care Guide to help you through the pool construction process and everyday pool maintenance
  • Start-Up Orientation by a Carlton qualified service technician
  • A Carlton Preferred Customer Card that allows for special discounts and promotions in any Carlton Pool and Patio Center

Design Options:

  • aquaBRIGHTâ„¢ by ecoFINISHâ„¢, exclusive to Carlton Pools, is a revolutionary pool finish that virtually eliminates all traditional pool coating shortcomings
  • PCC2000 In-Floor Cleaning System, exclusive to Carlton Pools is custom engineered for each pool, it cleans your pool so you don’t have to
  • Fire Rings are custom made, available in wood burning or gas, and help create a relaxing outdoor atmosphere
  • Waterfalls are natural boulder waterfalls created by Carlton Pools and built with local indigenous stone
  • Magic Technologies Exposed Aggregate plaster finishes provide many colorful options for your pool