2015 Summer Plans: The Perfect Pool!

Sometimes it seems summer can never come fast enough! Now is a good time to develop your goals for the summer. Many people start planning their vacations to get away at a beautiful ocean retreat. But why not bring the paradise to your home instead? A scenic in-ground pool may be a great investment for your property. Having a customized pool installed can improve your home in a variety of ways and offer you more luxury. We at Carlton Pools offer a wide selection of pool options and amenities that can fit any homeowner’s budget.

Innovative technology and energy efficient features have made pools less difficult to maintain. Homeowners no longer have to worry about cleaning their pool or stressing over how to care for it, thanks to built-in circulation and filtration systems. Along with installing the pool of your dreams, we also enhance your property’s landscaping with amenities of your choice. Our pool amenities include a lavish cement walkway, a trickling waterfall, and even a relaxing spa.

Let your family and friends come over for a pool party, complete with barbequing and cocktails. Use your pool to exercise by swimming a few laps every day – great for staying fit in the summer! A week vacation at a faraway resort may create memories of a lifetime, but eventually you have to come back home. This summer, plan to come back home to a beautiful, luxury in-ground pool where you can enter paradise in your own backyard any day, at any time.


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