December 5, 2018

3 Advantages of Designing Your Custom Swimming Pool During Winter

Are you already daydreaming of sunny days and having the ability to lay out by the pool? Although we advise against sunbathing by the pool during the winter, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything pool related to do during the winter. Winter just happens to be one of the best times of the year to get a new pool installed.

We here at Carlton Pools, the top swimming pool contractors in Lehigh County, are now scheduling winter installation projects. Here are just some of the advantages of waiting until the winter season to get a new pool installed in your backyard:

More Options To Choose From

Waiting until spring can leave you with a much smaller window to have your pool installed. Because of this, you may not have as much flexibility to schedule your swimming pool installation. Designing during the winter will offer much more freedom to make sure every little aspect of your pool is perfect.

A Full Summer of Fun

Another advantage of having pool design take place during the winter is so installation can take place during the spring. You will then have a full summer of fun and sun by the pool. Waiting until the weather gets a little warm to pull the trigger on having a new pool installed is still possible to have a fun summer but you may risk missing spending Memorial Day Weekend or the early summer by the pool.

Out Of Your Way 

One of the many advantages of having design take place during the winter and installation during the spring is that we’re out of your way. After spending the long winter indoors, all of us like to spend as much time as possible during the summer. However, during winter, most of us just want to rush home and change into sweatpants and not leave the house for the rest of the night.

We don’t just stop at swimming pool installations; we are also a top choice for swimming pool renovations in Lehigh County and the surrounding Philly suburbs. Those looking to get started planning their custom swimming pool can give us a call today at 888-372-0102.