July 11, 2016

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind as You Open Your Swimming Pool

Not too long after the spring season begins, many homeowners will start getting ready to open up their outside swimming pools. What’s more, we know that many other people also view opening their pools before Memorial Day as a big “no-no,” and will not do it until summer temperatures arrive. However, if you didn’t know, once your water reaches the 60-degree mark, algae will start to bloom, and this is by no means a good thing! If you truly wish to have a seamless experience opening up your pool whether before or after Memorial Day, performing some swimming pool maintenance and/or “spring cleaning” tasks are exactly what you need to do!

Clean and trim around your swimming pool.

Before you even address your pool itself, it is important to take care of the look and condition of the surrounding landscape. You should check whether any trees or shrubs need to be trimmed/spruced up, and if your lawn and flowers need any maintenance. Inevitably, doing this before you open your pool will help prevent various debris, branches, or leaves from getting into your pool.

Clean your pool cover as needed.

Some people put their pool cover on in the fall and neglect to keep an eye on it throughout the winter and early spring seasons. However, it is important to keep it as clean as possible, as some of them can allow water and other small debris to get through. Therefore, if your pool cover was frozen all winter and has now completely thawed, it is important to remove any water or debris. The less water and debris it has, the easier it will be to remove, clean, and fold up when you close it once again.

Assess your pool’s condition and its current water level.

Even though you may not have removed your pool cover yet, you can still take a peek inside to see how low or high the water level is, as well as its current condition. Things you should look for include staining and/or cracks, and if any of these are apparent, you should address these issues immediately. Lastly, if your water is too low, you will need to fill it before you turn on any equipment.

In the end, if you take some time out of your day to take care of your pool even when it’s not swimming season, it will be much easier to get it ready once warmer temperatures arrive!

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