December 8, 2017

5 Benefits of Designing a Pool in the Winter

Did you ever just look out into your backyard and visualize a beautiful swimming pool? While it might be surprising, the winter season is a perfect time for designing a swimming pool at your home. At Carlton Pools, we help homeowners create the pools of their dreams. Our talented design and installation crew brings experience and know-how to each pool that they design on request. We know that the winter months are cold, but we’ve got five reasons to consider having your pool built during this season:

1. Individualized service

As you can imagine, outdoor pools are closed during the winter and most people are cozied up inside sipping hot chocolate. Yet at Carlton Pools, we take advantage of the off-season and work with customers to help them create pools they’ve always wanted. During the winter season, our pool designers typically have more availability. This means that you get personalized attention that might have been harder to come by during the busy summer season.

2. More choices

Most reputable pool builders have tight schedules during the summer. This means that it can take longer to get a project off the ground and running. At Carlton Pools, we recommend having a swimming pool designed during the winter because you have your pick at scheduling choices. Looking for custom swimming pools in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania? Give Carlton Pools a call and find out how we can help.

3. A full pool for summer

One of the greatest benefits to having your swimming pool designed and possibly built before the summer is that as soon as the weather is warm enough, you can fill your pool, jump in, and swim. If you wait until the summer months to have your pool built, you’ll probably miss out on some of the first swim days of the season.

4. Flexible landscaping

When you design a swimming pool in the winter, you don’t need to worry about landscaping conflicts that might creep in during the summer. These include gardening space, landscaping, or other outdoor spring projects. When you design and possibly install a pool during the winter, you’ll have the entire yard to yourself.

5. Discounts

At Carlton Pools, we make swimming pools affordable for a wide range of budgets. If you opt to have your swimming pool built during the winter, you can benefit from an even greater chance at discounts. Looking for swimming pool contractors in Berks County? Give our professionals at Carlton Pools a call and find out what off-season discounts we might have for you.

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