August 21, 2018

5 Tips To Know Before Closing Your Pool

Preparing your pool for fall and winter may seem like a big headache. While it does require some work, our team at Carlton Pools is here to help make closing your pool much easier this fall. As one of the top swimming pool companies in Lehigh County, our customers are constantly asking for tips on what the best way to clean their pool is.

Here are just some of the tips we give our clients when it comes to closing your pool for the season:

Start Winterizing A Week Before Hand

Apply a phosphate remover to your pool a week before you plan to close. The phosphate remover will help prevent algae from growing during the cold weather. It is also important to remember not to close your pool too early. Once the water temperature is below 65 degrees on a consistent basis, then you’re good to go.

Clean Before Spring

Giving your pool a good vacuuming and cleaning before the winter will also help prevent algae from growing and damaging your pool. On top of that, closing your pool while it is as clean as possible can make opening it that much easier next spring. Don’t put off cleaning away this year’s dirt until next year.

Shock The Pool

Shocking a pool is designed to kill any and all bacteria that may be living in your pool or filter system. If possible, we recommend shocking the pool a few days before you plan to close it.

Backwash The Filter

It is important to allow your pump to complete a full cycle before backwashing and shocking/cleaning. This will help remove any algae growing in your filter to be eliminated before winter.

Protect Your Pool

It is just as important to make sure you have the best cover possible for your pool. There is a difference among safety covers, winter covers, and pool nets. Once you know which one is best for you, we recommend choosing something that is able to shield your pool each winter.

If you’re looking for more information about closing your pool this fall, give us a call today at 888-372-0102. As the top company for custom swimming pools in Lehigh County, those looking to have a pool installed by next spring have come to the right place.