September 1, 2020

A Brief History of Swimming Pools

Are you thinking of getting a custom swimming pool for your home?

Swimming pools are much older than you realize – with the “Great Bath” over 5,000 years ago in the famous ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan.

What was the great bath?

The “Great Bath” was a large tank that measured 12 meters in length, 7 meters in width, and 2.4 meters deep. Lined with bricks and a tar-based sealant, there were two staircases leading down to the tank with a brick-edged ledge extending along the pool’s entire width at the bottom.

The floor of the water tank was thought to be watertight because of the closely fitted bricks and sidewalls. This was topped off with a thick layer of tar along the sidewalls. The tank was more than likely used for religious functions where water was used to purify the bathers.

Other Swimming Pools in the Course of History

Apart from the “Great Bath,” the ancient Romans and Greeks also built artificial pools in the “Palaestras” for training people in the military for war or for nautical games. Pools were also synonymous with increased wealth and a better quality of life, not dissimilar to today’s modern world. Gaius Maecenas, a rich Roman lord and political advisor, built the first heated swimming pool in Rome around the 1st Century BC.

The Romans also built a massive pool that measured over 900,000 square feet and was used for bathing. Pools were an important part of Greek and Roman history for socializing, training, and much more. They were also part of wealthier homes with many emperors incorporating more ornate designs – some with live fish in them.

Pools in the Modern World

Swimming was part of the modern Olympic Games, which started in 1896. These games included racing and swimming. In Britain, swimming pools rose in popularity around the early 19th century when the National Swimming Society first introduced competitive swimming. At this time, there were man-made indoor pools used for competitions.

In the United States, the first modern above ground swimming pool can be traced back to the Racquet Club of Philadelphia clubhouse in 1907. Home swimming pools became popular in houses after the Second World War. Now, several decades later, pools are a regular feature in many modern homes in the United States and around the world.

In conclusion, pools are a fantastic feature in any home because they not only elevate your lifestyle experience, but also add a tremendous amount of aesthetic appeal to your property!

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