December 15, 2020

A Brief List of Some Safety Products and Equipment for Your Pool

Keeping your pool as safe as possible is a priority for all pool owners. Not only does this help to keep people around the pool safe, but it can also help to minimize the chance that you’ll face legal action if something happens. There are several pieces of equipment that you can use to enhance safety.

Swimming pool fence: Erecting a swimming pool fence around your pool can help to keep small children out of the water when they aren’t appropriately monitored by adults. The swimming pool shouldn’t ever be used unless there’s more than one person there, at least one of whom is an adult.

Pool alarms: Pool alarms are available for above ground and inground pools. They alert you if a pet or a person falls into the water. These alarms are loud and may help you to get to a drowning victim quickly.

Pool safety rope: A safety rope helps to alert swimmers to changes in the depth of the water. This can serve as a reminder for small children or weaker swimmers to remain away from the deeper water. These often have buoys to make it easier to see the rope.

Pool drain cover: A swimmer who’s underwater could get their hair or an article of clothing caught in the drain. A safety drain cover helps to prevent this from occurring. This also provides something that’s easily removed if there is an emergency.

Life rings and poles: Life rings and poles help bystanders to safely rescue a person who’s struggling in the water. These should be placed in an area where they’re readily visible by the pool. Ideally, you’ll choose items that are certified by the United States Coast Guard.

First aid kit: Having a first aid kit near the pool might not save lives, but it can come in handy if someone has a minor injury. There are many different types of first aid kids, so try to find one that has supplies for cuts, scrapes, and sunburns.

While this is a basic list of safety supplies for your pool, there are other options that you might find useful for your pool. It’s usually best to have items on hand just in case something happens since it would be difficult to address some issue without the proper supplies.