February 10, 2022

Can You Keep Your Pool Open All Year Round?

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Warm pool water may feel wonderful in the chilly months of the year, but is keeping a pool open all year actually a good idea? While many may associate swimming pools with the hot summer sun, it’s still possible to enjoy a pool in the middle of winter. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of leaving your pool open during the winter months:

Benefits of Leaving the Pool Open During the Winter

Having continual access to your swimming pool is just one of the advantages of keeping it open during the month. Although you’ll need to properly maintain the pool year-round, it is easier to clean in the winter months as sanitation is less of an issue. Algae growth is enhanced in the summer months, meaning that it won’t grow as quickly during the wintertime.

Additionally, the chlorine used to control algae won’t be needed nearly as much. In fact, pool owners won’t have to spend nearly as much money on chlorine because chemical evaporation is not as intense during the winter. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend money on a pool cover or the equipment needed to winterize the pool if you keep it operational throughout the year.

Disadvantages of Leaving the Pool Open During the Winter

While there are numerous ways that pool owners can save money by keeping their pools open during the winter, that money will be used elsewhere. Pipes and pumps can be expensive to fix should they become frozen, and to prevent that problem from occurring, you must keep your pump running continuously throughout the season. Keeping the pump and heater on all the time to avoid freezing will raise your electricity bills, and in turn, the cost of operating the pool in the winter.

Another cost you may incur is for any cracked or damaged materials that cannot handle the temperature differences of a warm pool and cold seasonal temperatures. Further, many pool components cannot withstand or function in low temperatures. For example, many salt chlorine generators do not work properly in the winter, nor do certain heat pumps. 

Should I Keep My Pool Open Year-Round?

Whether or not you choose to open your swimming pool in the winter can vary based on the situation. Pools that don’t have saltwater generators won’t have to worry about them breaking, and some heat pump models are capable of operating at lower temperatures. Other factors, such as the climate of the environment you live in and the amount of snow you’ll have to shovel from the pathway to your pool, can determine if keeping your pool open year-round is a good option.

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