May 14, 2018

What You Can Do to Prevent Your Pool From Becoming Green This Summer

There’s nothing better than diving into a crystal clear pool when the temperature starts to rise. However, if you’ve noticed that your pool tends to be more green than blue as the summer wears on, then you may be hesitant to take full advantage of your backyard. Even custom swimming pools in Bucks County can turn green if you aren’t taking proper care of your investment. Keeping your pool from turning green is all about regular maintenance and upkeep. The following are some of the most effective ways to prevent your beautiful blue pool from turning a shade of green.

Check your chemical levels. The main cause of a green pool is algae growth. When your chlorine levels fall too low, algae can thrive and reproduce, causing your pool to turn from blue to green. Keeping your chlorine levels above one ppm will help you to avoid the “algae bloom” that many pool owners report appearing seemingly overnight.

Ensure proper circulation. In order to reproduce, algae need relatively still water. Pools are designed to have water continuously flowing through them to prevent a still environment in which algae can grow. Check your water circulation system, to ensure that it is circulating pool water and chlorine at the proper rates. If you find that your circulation system is not sufficient, you can even consider swimming pool renovations in Bucks County that disrupt water while also adding aesthetic value, like a waterfall installation!

Put in a little elbow grease. Allowing leaves, bacteria, and algae to settle on the bottom of your pool and on the interior walls can quickly lead to a green pool. Make sure that you are fishing leaves out of your pool daily, and brushing the walls and flooring of your pool at least once a week.

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