Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools: A Comparison

Carlton pools in Limerick, PA, is ready to help build your backyard oasis with a high-quality pool installation! However, there’s an important decision you must make before placing your order: whether you want to use chlorine additives or saltwater for your pool. There are many benefits of having a saltwater pool as well as many positives to owning a chlorine pool. Because you’ll need to weigh both of the options, it can be challenging to decide which one is the better pick for you and your family. To learn which type of pool is best for your home, check out the three strengths of installing a saltwater pool and the three strengths of creating a chlorine pool.

Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

A Saltwater Pool Doesn’t Need Harmful Chemicals

Salt and chlorine pools both need to be safe from bacteria, and salt pools are able to accomplish this without lots of chemicals. Instead, they rely on a process called electrolysis, where the generator converts the salt into a safe amount of chlorine to sanitize the pool. Saltwater pools are not chlorine-free; they just obtain chlorine through a different process that doesn’t require chemicals. As a result, you won’t need to spend money to buy chemicals at the store continually. Additionally, you won’t need to store said chemicals in your home, making it safer for pets and kids.

Saltwater Pools Require Less Maintenance to Function

Another benefit of saltwater pools is that they’re easier for you to maintain. Rather than manually pour the necessary chemicals into the pool, the generator does the process itself through electrolysis. Additionally, saltwater pools are generally cleaner than chlorine-based ones because there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process.

Saltwater Pools Are More Gentle on Your Body

If you’re wondering whether chlorine or saltwater additives are better for your body, then you should consider installing a saltwater pool. The chemicals in a chlorine pool can be harsh on a swimmer’s skin and eyes, which will cause them to dry out and become irritated respectively. Also, you won’t have to smell like chlorine after getting out of a saltwater pool, making it the option that smells more palatable overall.

Benefits of a Chlorine Pool

Chlorine Pools Don’t Require an Expensive Generator

One difference between salt and chlorine pools is that the latter doesn’t require a generator to function. While chlorine pool owners need to pay more over time to acquire the necessary chemicals, they don’t need to pay for an expensive generator at the start. This detail also means that they won’t have to use as much electricity to maintain the cleanliness of their pool. The only equipment involved with running a chlorine pool is the pump used to circulate water, which costs nowhere near as much as buying a saltwater generator.

Chlorine Pools Are Easier to Manage

If you’re worried about how challenging it will be to install a salt or chlorine pool, then the latter will be your preferred option. In the event something in a saltwater generator breaks, you’ll need a licensed professional to fix the damage, regardless of whether the problem is big or small. On the other hand, Chlorine pools are far more DIY-friendly, meaning they don’t require professionals to maintain and are much easier to repair if damaged. Also, the cost of installing a chlorine pool system is considerably lower than installing a saltwater one, making chlorine the more cost-effective option.

Chlorine Pool’s Aren’t as Damaging to Equipment

When weighing the effects of chlorine or saltwater additives, consider that chlorine pools don’t damage equipment as much. Chlorine won’t corrode the equipment over time the same way saltwater pools might. Chlorine pools also don’t erode the finish of a pool as much as saltwater does, meaning you’ll spend less on repairs in the long run. Additionally, if swimmers spread chlorine droplets outside the pool, it won’t damage your patio tiles in the same manner as saltwater would damage it.

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