July 25, 2019

Why You Should Choose a Shotcrete Pool Installation From Carlton Pools

When you’ve decided that you want a concrete swimming pool on your property, you’re one step closer to a backyard oasis that you’ll enjoy for years to come. The type of concrete we use, shotcrete with wet mix gunite, offers strength, durability, and flexibility when it comes to appearance and amenities. It’s the best material for a concrete pool, and Carlton Pools is the best company to install it. 

Here’s why: 

Shotcrete gives you endless pool shape possibilities. 

You deserve a backyard pool that’s one-of-a-kind, not one that’s just like the one next door. Instead, get one that your neighbors will wish they had in their backyards. Shotcrete with wet mix gunite gives you the ability to have a pool in virtually any geometric shape, one that perfectly fits the property that will surround it and the specific recreational functions you want your pool to serve. 

We have 16 pool shape designs, but we also design custom shapes if you have your own ideas. 

For a sample of these distinctive shapes, watch this short video: 

You can personalize your shotcrete pool even further with special features.

One crucial consideration as you consider your options for the shape of your pool is what kind of features your pool will have. Besides patio space near the pool, your pool can also feature waterfalls, fire rings, fountains, lighting, and more.  

Shotcrete is compatible with a variety of finishes.

You can extend the life of your pool with plaster or aggregate finishes. Also available is our polymer finish, called aquaBRIGHT™, which not only protects the shotcrete but also makes it smooth to the touch. 

Carlton Pools provides free rock removal.  

With most pool companies, hitting rocks during excavation means hitting a snag in the project. These rocks have to be removed, and most other companies will treat this as a separate service and make you pay for it. But not us. If rock removal is necessary, we give you two days of rock removal at no extra cost to you. 

Carlton Pools keeps your pool looking great.  

If you already have a pool that could use a renovation, you can rely on us for that, too. From updating your equipment (pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners) to concrete pool resurfacing, we’ll help you keep your pool in peak condition for countless hours of enjoyment. 

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