November 16, 2017

Don’t Forget to Remove Leaves From Your Pool!

Fall foliage may be beautiful, but the changing and falling leaves that characterize the autumn season can quickly become a pool owner’s worst nightmare. One of the biggest complaints that swimming pool contractors in Bucks County hear from pool owners is that leaves are putting a damper on their poolside fun, requiring seemingly endless hours to remove. As Pennsylvania residents, we get to enjoy the full range of four seasons. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to the beautifully vibrant shades of orange and red that grace our trees is that they can fall into our swimming pools in masses and create a huge annoyance for homeowners unlucky enough not to have a pool boy to do all the work for them!

Carlton Pools, a leading swimming pool company in Bucks County, warns residents to avoid the temptation to allow leaves to pile up on top of their pool during the winter season. Doing so will create a mess once spring rolls around – leaves have a tendency to disintegrate when left in water for long periods of time. Even when your pool is not open, water can seep through the sides of your pool cover and cause leaves to turn into a sopping, wet, and mushy mess that’s a major pain to clean out. Disintegrated leaves can also give your pool water a foul odor, which can be doubled if the leaves are left in the pool over winter.

So what can pool owners do to keep their pools safe from leaves? The best strategy is to keep up with the leaves piling on your pool by making a gentle raking of the pool cover one of your morning chores. If you’d like to make the job even easier, many pool supply retailers also sell a product called a “leaf net,” which is a strong fishnet cover that is placed over the pool’s standard cover; simply remove the leaf net daily, shake off the offending leaves, place it back over the pool, and you’re finished.

Taking care of your pool this winter doesn’t have to become a hassle. By keeping up with your leaf raking and removal, you’ll be setting yourself up for a spring of fun in the sun – not a smelly pool! Learn more by giving us a call at 888-372-0102.