How to Drain Your Swimming Pool with a Siphon

The water level in a correctly installed and maintained pool will tend to remain fairly constant, depending on the local weather and how many people typically use the swimming pool. When heavy rain or an acute chemical imbalance necessitates a reduction in the water volume, it’s often easier on your pump to remove the excess from your pool by hand. So long as you have a place to drain the water that has a lower elevation than the water level you want in the pool, a siphon will be the easiest method.

Courtesy of Carlton Pools, your premier source for concrete pool resurfacing, follow these steps to manually drain your home’s pool the right way.

  1. Check your drainage area to make sure that it can handle the intended water volume without damage or overflowing into a public street, storm drain, or adjacent property. As a general rule, if the local regulations require that you backflush your pool filter into a sanitary sewer, you should siphon any excess water into a sewer cleanout or house drain.
  2. Insert one end of a ¾” garden hose into your pool. Start slowly feeding the hose into the pool until everything but the last foot is filled with water and completely submerged.
  3. Take the other end of the hose in your hand and lower it underneath the water’s surface. Screw a hose cap onto the hose’s open end while it’s still submerged. Lift the end of the hose from the water and drag it to the drainage area.
  4. Place the hose close to the drain or cleanout or on the ground. Take off the cap from the end of the hose to begin the siphon. As you are siphoning water into the drain or sewer cleanout, be sure to maintain an air gap between the end of the hose and the cleanout or drain to avoid backflow contamination.
  5. Drain your pool water to your desired level. Remove the hose from your pool or raise the drain end above the water level to stop the siphon.

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