November 11, 2016

Five Pool Renovation Ideas That Will Enhance Your Fun Next Summer

Now that the summer is coming to a close, why not think about making your backyard water oasis more entertaining for next summer? Initiating a pool remodeling project during the fall season will ensure that your pool enhancement is ready to go when the climate gets warm again. The chilly weather is the perfect opportunity to relax inside with hot chocolate while the pool builders are busy giving your pool a makeover. We all know the holidays can force budgets to get tight, but that’s no reason to halt the road to your water entertainment area. There are a variety of pool renovation options that are affordable and will increase your swimming enjoyment.

Whether you just bought a property that has someone else’s perception of an in-ground pool, want a few upgrades or wish to make a change in style, these pool renovation ideas are sure to create the oasis you dream of without breaking the bank.

Water Amenities

If you already have an existing pool design, a quick way to amp it up is by having water features installed, such as sprayers, waterfalls, fountains and scuppers. The installation required to implement them is usually easy if you want to enhance a dull pool. The only catch is that the water amenities may increase the cost of maintenance.

Underwater LED Lighting

On those nights you feel like going for a late swim, LED lighting comes in handy. Compared to traditional lighting, LED lighting is more energy efficient. Plus, the colors give the pool a glamorous appearance. Aside from being underwater, the lighting can also be installed anywhere around the pool and comes in a variety of colors. 


Pool resurfacing is considered a good investment because it improves the appearance of the pool and replaces aspects that tend to wear out after many years. Resurfacing isn’t a cheap renovation project, but the outcome is certainly worth it. Many homeowners like to personalize their pool finish with different colors, shells, stones and other materials.

Salt Water System

Traditionally, the chlorine chemicals in the pool have to be added, but with a salt water system, that task is no longer necessary. The system uses salt to create chlorine in the water, making it less harsh on the eyes and skin. This feature is appealing because it eliminates the hassle of handling chlorine and it makes the pool cheaper to maintain.

Energy Efficient Elements

Recently, new energy efficient equipment for pools has become available to the market, offering homeowners more methods for making their pool less costly to operate. They use less electricity and allow homeowners to qualify for energy rebates, depending on where they live. Some energy efficient pool options include speed pumps, filters and solar-powered heaters.

Other affordable pool renovation options are automation systems and waterline tile. Once decided, locate your local trustworthy swimming pool contractors in Chester County, PA, and let them do all the work. Then, when next summer rolls around, get ready to jump into your newly upgraded pool!