March 11, 2016

Five Things to Do to Prepare Your Yard for a Pool Landscape

So, you’ve already decided to transform your backyard into an aquatic oasis. Perhaps you already have an idea of what type of in-ground pool you want to have, and what shape you would prefer. However, the first thing to planning for pool construction is to analyze your yard. If you don’t examine the features of your property, you may run into obstacles when it comes to installing your new paradise. Our main goal at Carlton Pools is to help families create an amazing oasis for their residence where they can spend their summer enjoying fun and entertainment. As a family-owned business of over 40 years, we understand that your in-ground pool landscape should be nothing short of the vision you have for your personal utopia.

We want your summer to truly be a time of good company and fun in the sun! We have a vast experience in pool construction, so we aim to educate our customers on some helpful tips to preparing their property for their dream pool area. There are numerous aspects to consider regarding having a pool installed and the surrounding area landscaped. We at Carlton Pools have come up with a few guidelines to remember when making your pool decisions.

  1. Be Aware of the Construction Time Frame

Depending on what pool type you choose, it is going to take a period of time for construction to be complete. During this time, your yard will be dug up and in disarray as the builders create your in-ground pool and landscape. The length of time it takes to install a pool landscape may take longer than you thought, depending on the choices you make.

  1. Have Your Utilities Located

Before pool construction can begin, you must request that your local utility company identify where your utilities are located, such as the water line, gas line and electric line. This will prevent property damage from happening due to pool construction. Knowing exactly where your household utilities are placed in your yard will allow the builders to avoid the area. The placement of your pool and the layout of the pool design are created to avoid the area of the utilities.

  1. Obtain Necessary Permits

Before construction begins, make sure you obtain the construction permit required, if your community requests that you have one.

  1. Know the Pennsylvania Pool Fencing Laws

The pool fencing laws that are put into place for child safety vary from state to state. To find out what your state and area require for safety precautions, consult with your town’s building inspector. In addition, the safety requirements for your community may also require landscaping specifications to ensure a hazard-free water zone. It is highly recommended to incorporate extra safety features onto your residence in time for your pool to be complete, such as gated locks and an alarm system.

  1. Inspect the Areas with Plants and Sunlight

When you examine your property in preparation for your new pool landscape, take the trees, shrubbery, and sunlight into consideration. You may need to remove a tree or two to let more sunlight into your pool landscape. Keeping the pool area away from the trees will also minimize the amount of debris that falls into the water.

Our representatives and contractors are always available to answer any questions you have about preparing your yard for your new in-ground pool landscape. Providing outstanding customer service is our goal, which is why we choose to work closely with our clients. Even after your pool landscape is complete, we are always here to meet your needs for years to come. Contact us today to get your pool construction initiatives started!