Frozen Swimming Pool — How to Fix It and Avoid It

A frozen swimming pool isn’t always a dreadful event, but it certainly can be. Frozen water in a pool and the pipes of your pool’s filter system can wreak havoc, causing tiles to crack and pipes to burst. On the other hand, there are instances where you can quickly address this type of problem and even prevent it to protect your pool and your investment.

Minor Frozen Pool

Many people experience some degree of pool water freezing during the cold winter months. If your pool water develops a thin layer of ice across its surface, you likely have little to worry about. In this situation, it’s easy enough to break up the ice and just monitor your pool and the weather. A thin surface ice sheet can even occur in very mild climates and is nothing to be alarmed over.

Major Frozen Pool Problems

On the other hand, if your pool water begins to freeze from wall to wall and the ice starts to thicken, you could have a serious problem. This type of situation can cause your pool tiles to crack as the water freezes into ice and expands. Prolonged freezing temperatures can cause this type of situation to occur. Once pool ice has frozen to a half inch in thickness, you should be concerned and take steps to break up the ice before it thickens further.

You should also keep your filtration system running to prevent any water in the pipe from freezing and causing your pipes to burst. If you suspect that your pipes are frozen, you should contact our Lehigh County swimming pool contractors for professional service. In some cases where pipes have burst, and parts have become damaged, you may need replacements.

How to Prevent a Frozen Swimming Pool

The best defense against a frozen swimming pool is to winterize your pool at the end of the warm season. In fact, if you live in a four-season climate like New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you should definitely winterize your pool to protect it from the harsh winter weather. Lehigh County pool companies like us typically offer winterizing services to help clients prepare their pools for the winter. With proper winterization, you should have to worry about water in your filtration system’s pipes. Adding pool antifreeze to the water can also prevent it from freezing and damaging pool tiles.

If you need winterizing or other swimming pool services, you can always rely on Carlton Pools. We offer a wide range of pool services, including maintenance and repair.