October 10, 2018

Get Fit in Your Hot Tub With These Awesome Exercises

The idea of working out in your pool is not news to anyone. All summer long, homeowners with a pool are able to stay in shape. However, that doesn’t need to stop just because you’re closing your pool for winter. Those with a hot tub can stay in shape with these easy exercises. At Carlton Pools, one of the top swimming pool companies in Berks County, we’re always looking to give tips and tricks to our readers to get the most out of their pool.

Anyone who is looking to stay in shape in this fall can do so by following these exercises:


When executed properly, a squat can help build muscle across your entire body. On top of that, squats will help raise your metabolism leading to you burning calories more effectively. Squats are great for anyone looking to improve their lower body.

Water Cycling

Sticking with the lower body, water cycling is also a great exercise. The natural resistance of the water is able to help increase the muscle growth of your legs, hips and abdomen. Water cycling is one of the most simple, yet effective exercises on our list. Even if you don’t plan on working out your lower body, water cycling is a very effective warm-up to your workout.

Shoulder Roll

Shifting from aerobic exercises to mental exercises, shoulder rolls can help release build up tension that can weigh on your upper body. While it does help increase circulation throughout the shoulders, neck and torso, shoulder rolls are able to create a soothing relaxation stage of mindfulness.

Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean there isn’t still fun ways to stay in shape. On top of going to the gym and eating healthy, homeowners with a hot tub can benefit from the above exercises.

With colder weather just a couple of weeks away, homeowners all across the area will soon be winterizing and closing their pool for the winter season. We here at Carlton Pools just want to remind all readers that winter is the best time for pool renovation projects. As the top swimming pool contractors in Berks County, we can help with projects of all sizes. Those eager to get started can give us a call today at 888-372-0102.