February 22, 2021

Great Lighting Ideas for Your Pool Oasis

Looking at ways to lighten up your swimming pool is a great way to transform its appearance. You can choose from various options for a truly unique design around your swimming area. Lighting can also help boost the visual appeal of your entire property, and our swimming pool company that serves Lehigh County can always help you find ways to further enhance your pool.

Here are a few of the most popular lighting ideas for your pool oasis.


Spotlights are an excellent way to highlight your favorite features around a swimming pool, such as a fountain or wall. You can use spotlights in a variety of ways for different effects. Downlighting is a popular option for using a spotlight to shine down on a tree, while uplighting is a great choice to point light upwards at an object or specific area.

Path Lights

Trying to walk along a path at night without any lights is a difficult task. However, installing path lights is a great way to illuminate an entire path to the swimming pool while reducing tripping hazards. You can also choose from a variety of different path lights to best match your style.


One of the best ways to light a large area is to use floodlights. These floodlights make it easy to enjoy your swimming pool at night while also increasing safety. You can set up a smart lighting system that will automatically turn your lights on, and you can modify these settings at any time from a mobile device.

String Lights

String lights are an excellent way to add a unique style to your swimming pool. You can place string lights in many different ways, whether you prefer to wrap them around trees or hang them over your patio. You can even select from a variety of styles, such as globe, vintage, rope, or fairy lights.

Outdoor Torches

A simple way to light the perimeter of your backyard is to use outdoor or tiki torches. These torches are an excellent way to give your swimming pool a tropical style and help you feel as if you are on a vacation getaway. Solar-powered or electric torches are also a great alternative compared to flame torches.

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