April 11, 2016

How to Design Your Own Pool

A getaway vacation to paradise is a memorable and relaxing experience, but it can be costly. What’s worse, is the months of waiting in anticipation to travel to your beach utopia. So, why not opt to have a pool built in your backyard instead? Bring the oasis to your home permanently so you never have to wait for that relaxing moment in the lawn chair by your beautiful, in-ground pool landscape.

If you could have any pool landscape you wanted, what would it be? Would you want it to have an oval shape or a rectangular shape? A waterfall or a diving board? Colorful underwater lights, or a trickling fountain? Whatever your pool vision is, we at Carlton Pools can make it happen.

With our design services, nothing is impossible when it comes to constructing a pool for you. We service the Tristate area, including Bucks County, PA. If you live in the Bucks County area and beyond, we have got you covered, from the moment we dig a hole in the ground, to the moment the water is filled, and more. It is up to you how you want your pool landscape to look and what amenities you’d like it to feature. Our specialty is custom designing the pool of your dreams!

You are probably wondering “How does this process work? How can I get started?” We at Carlton Pools provide a step by step guide of how you can design your custom pool landscape.

  1. Call Us! – Dial our phone number at 215-674-8185 and one of our representatives will be on standby to assist you. We will then set up an appointment to meet and discuss your pool objectives.
  2. Determine Your Budget First! – It is good to have an idea of how much you want to spend on your pool. Remember, not everything in your pool goals has to be built at once – you can add pool amenities as time goes on.
  3. Selection – You will be asked to choose your pool shape, what pool technology you would like your pool to operate on, amenities and aesthetics desired, and what kind of decking you want to surround the area. We use computer aided design software technology to create the layout on your property.
  4. Estimate – A quote will be given on the pool vision you have provided to us. You can adjust your landscape plan to achieve the pool goals you want performed.
  5. Consultation – Our highly trained technicians will work with you one on one to help you establish a pool structure that will fit your property. One of our team members will visit your property to evaluate it so that the best decisions for your pool can be made.
  6. Construction – Following a specific timeline, your property will be transformed into the paradise you have been waiting for. Your pool will be installed and your landscape will be implemented on time.
  7. A Beautiful Lifestyle – After your pool landscape is complete, you can enjoy your new personal utopia.

If you are interested in designing your own pool, contact us today and we will assist you promptly. We are happy to help you build your pool paradise to last for years to come.