May 21, 2020

Inground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools: Which is Right for You?

With summer so near on the calendar, it’s perfectly natural to ask yourself: Will this be the year that you install a pool in your backyard?

If you’ve already decided that it is, and have started looking at some of the custom swimming pool options in Montgomery County, PA, the question becomes one of type: should you get an inground pool or an above-ground pool? Which is the best investment overall?

This question doesn’t really have one right answer; it depends on your preference and needs. Here are the factors you should consider when thinking about what kind of pool you’d like to install in your own backyard.

How Much You Want to Spend

Generally speaking, inground pools are more expensive to install than above-ground ones. This additional expense is because of how complicated the installation can be for inground pools. Depending on the size, shape, and material used, installing an inground pool can come with a price tag as high as $70,000. By contrast, the above-ground pool will cost significantly less because it comes in a kit that can be quickly assembled.

While the initial price tag for an inground pool may be high, it comes with significant benefits. Throughout the inground pool’s life, it is less likely to sustain damage because of its durable construction and can last for decades. Above-ground pools are more susceptible to storm damage than their inground counterparts and will generally last around 15 years.

These estimates are, of course, dependent on how well the pool is maintained. Luckily, the only difference in maintenance costs between an inground and above-ground pool depends on the square footage of the pool itself; generally, below-ground pools can be significantly larger than above-ground ones, which means maintaining more square feet of water. Otherwise, the maintenance costs are pretty similar.

How Much Time You Have

Since installing a below-ground pool is more complicated, it can take weeks of work before your pool is ready for use. It takes so long to install an inground pool because these pools require labor-intensive steps, like land grading and using materials that can’t be mass-produced to fit every need.

Above-ground pools generally take a few days to one week to install, because unlike below-ground pools, they can be set up from a kit, with pieces that can be mass-produced for quick installation.

What Image You Have in Mind

Above-ground pools do offer some customization, but because of the nature of their design, they are far less flexible in the shapes you can choose, the depths you want to offer, and what kinds of additional features you might like to install with them later down the line.

Picking the right pool for your situation can be complicated. Our swimming pool contractors based in Montgomery County, PA, have helped countless customers get their dream pool ready for the summer season. Call Carlton Pools today to find out more.