March 29, 2021

How to Keep Wildlife Away from Your Pool

Keeping wildlife away from a pool isn’t always an easy task. A swimming pool is an ideal location for a variety of animals, such as frogs, snakes, raccoons, and many different insects. Larger animals may also be attracted to your swimming pool due to a lack of available water in the area. Taking a few preventative measures is essential in keeping your swimming pool safe from these animals. Reaching out to professional swimming pool builders in Ocean County is always a great option to learn more tips in keeping the wildlife away from you and your family.

Here are a few of the top things to consider to keep animals out of your swimming pool.

Build a Fence

One of the best ways to limit wildlife from entering your pool is to build a fence. Constructing a fence makes it difficult for many animals to access your pool while also providing additional security. A fence also gives you more privacy, as you can choose from a wide range of styles to further boost the appearance of your yard.

Use a Natural Repellent

Another way you can help reduce the number of animals around your pool is to invest in a natural repellent. You can create your own repellent by combining water and cayenne pepper in a spray bottle while applying it around your pool. Many animals have a strong sense of smell, as using this repellent can play a key role in preventing animals from being attracted to your swimming pool.

Buy Citronella Candles

An effective way to limit the number of mosquitoes and bugs around your pool is to purchase citronella candles. You can use these candles around your swimming pool to help you relax without having to constantly deal with mosquitos. This small investment is well worth the cost of helping you enjoy your swimming pool with family and friends.

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