September 18, 2017

How to Maintain and Keep Your Pool Clean During The Fall and Winter Seasons

Having a swimming pool in your backyard provides an added bonus to summertime fun. Being able to splash around in the water with friends and family creates memories that will last a lifetime. Carlton Pools loves creating custom swimming pools in Ocean County that fit the perfect design you have in mind for your backyard oasis. Having a custom swimming pool is a great way to create a community with your neighbors and friends. Unfortunately, when the end of summer rolls around, that means it’s time to cover your pool. Here are three tips on how to keep your custom swimming pools in Chester County and Ocean County clean during the fall and maintained during the winter season.

Skim Out Leaves

The fall season poses the biggest threat to the cleanliness of your custom swimming pools in Ocean County or Chester County. While watching the seasons change is a beautiful thing, leaves fall from trees and always seem to find their way into your pool. Having a skimmer and brush available will help keep your pool clean and prevent leaves from clogging any pipes.     

Check Pool Filter System

When the cold winter weather arrives, the best way to prevent your pool system’s pipes from freezing is by draining water from your filter and or heater. Having to pay for new pipes can be costly. Avoid the hassle by draining them before the weather turns cold. It is also important to drain pool water anywhere from 4 to 6 inches below your pool skimmer.

Test Water Before Closing Up

It is important to test your pools water level before you close it for the season. Maintaining a good water balance right before you close your pool helps make sure there is less work upon reopening. It doesn’t hurt either to purchase a brand of algaecide to fight bacteria and algae during the winter season. 

If you’re getting ready to close up custom swimming pools in Chester County or custom swimming pools in Ocean County, take into consideration the following pointers to keep your pool maintained during the winter and able to reopen as soon as possible.