January 15, 2019

Do You Need a New Safety Pool Cover?

If you own a pool, then the odds are good that you also own a safety pool cover. These covers help to keep your family safe and your pool running smoothly, as our team explained in our recent video:

Of course, your pool safety cover is exposed to everything from winter blizzards to harsh UV rays. Over time, your cover may begin to deteriorate. You may notice that the material is becoming more brittle, its stitching is fraying, or it’s starting to tear.

Once you see these signs, it’s time to replace this essential pool equipment. Today, our swimming pool contractors in the Montgomery County, PA, area would like to help you choose the right safety pool cover for your home:

Don’t Settle for a Winter Cover!

At first glance, a standard winter cover may seem like a better choice for your budget. Unfortunately, this simple, tarp-like cover will need replacement in just two or three years. A quality safety cover, on the other hand, will last 10 to 15 years. Winter covers may also collapse under heavy weights.

Solid Covers: A Protective Barrier

Solid safety pool covers will block all sunlight, which helps to prevent algae growth. They keep out everything from dust to tree branches to snow. This design guarantees a clean pool opening when swimming season arrives. Unfortunately, rainwater and melted snow can puddle on top of the cover and must be removed with a pool cover pump.

Mesh Covers: Greater Ease of Use

In contrast, mesh safety pool covers allow rainwater and melted snow to fall into your pool, so they do not require a pump. These covers are lightweight, yet deceptively strong — some styles can hold thousands of pounds. They offer some amount of sun protection and keep large debris out of the pool. Unfortunately, dust and dirt can fall through this cover’s tightly woven mesh, so you may have extra work when opening your pool in the spring.

Does Your Pool Have a Unique Shape?

When we build custom swimming pools in Montgomery County, PA, we always recommend pool safety covers made by Anchor Industries Inc. Pool covers by Anchor are custom-crafted to fit your pool, and they are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

At Carlton Pools, we are now selling custom Anchor safety pool covers. Call 888-372-0102 today to learn more!