Pool Closing Services

Our Pool Closing Services

Ensure your pool is winter-ready with our professional pool closing services. We blow out the lines, drain and hose out filters and pumps, install winter plugs and gizmos, disconnect accessories, and cover the pool for a worry-free off-season.

Getting your swimming pool ready for winter can feel overwhelming and you can damage it by not closing it properly. Trust Carlton Pools to safeguard your pool.


Blowing Out the Lines

Blowing out the lines is a crucial part of closing down your pool for the winter. This process uses an air compressor to push all the water out of your pool's plumbing system. Doing this keeps the pipes from freezing and breaking when it gets cold.

Our experts ensure not a single drop of water is left behind, protecting your investment from winter damage.

After that, we drain and clean your filter and motor to guarantee they're in top shape for a smooth start next spring.

Draining and Hosing Out Your Filter and Pump

Taking special care in draining and cleaning your pool's filtration system and water pump is crucial. Draining removes the water that could freeze, leading to cracks and damage. Hoses are used to wash off the dirt on both devices thoroughly, ensuring they remain free from debris like leaves or insects.

Cleaning also means checking for any signs of wear or necessary repairs on pipes and seals. Paying attention to these details now can help avoid more significant issues when it's time to jump back into your pool come spring.

Making sure everything is spotless ensures a smoother start-up next season, which keeps maintenance costs low and extends the life of your filter and pump.

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Installing Winter Plugs and Gizmos

After emptying and cleaning your filter and pump, the following step is to put in winter plugs and devices. These tools are essential for keeping water out of your pipes during the colder months.

Technicians fit these winter plugs securely into the spots where water typically enters your pool's system. This action is vital to avoid damage from freezing.

Then, they install devices designed to absorb the expansion pressure from ice forming in your pool. These gadgets either float on top or slot into specific places to prevent cracks when it gets cold.

They serve as a protective measure for both your swimming area's structure and surface during the chilly season.

Disconnecting Pool Accessories

Prepare for winter by disconnecting pool accessories like ladders and handrails to avoid potential damage from ice and snow accumulation. Remove any attached fittings or fixtures, such as diving boards and slides, to safeguard them during the colder months.

This simple step can help protect your equipment from freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

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Covering the Pool

Preparing for winter includes the important task of covering the pool. This means carefully placing a durable and weather-resistant cover over the pool to shield it from debris, harsh weather conditions, and sunlight.

A securely fitted cover helps prevent algae growth and ensures that the water stays clean during the off-season. Covering the pool also acts as a safety measure by preventing accidental access by children or pets.

A well-fitted pool cover also aids in heat retention and reduces evaporation of water and chemicals. By keeping out impurities like leaves, twigs, and dirt particles, it minimizes cleaning efforts when reopening the pool in spring.

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    Plan A
    Complete Closing
    • We blow out the lines. We drain and hose out your filter and pump. We install winter plugs and gizmos, (Available for purchase or provided by customer) and we disconnect
      pool accessories and place your solid cover on the pool.

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  • Plan B

    Mesh Cover

    • This is our complete closing with a mesh cover instead of a solid cover. All of the above applies with the exception of the cover style

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  • Plan C


    • This plan is for those who wish to place their own cover on their pool and have experience doing so. We blow out the lines. We drain and hose out your filter and pump. We install winter plugs and gizmos, (Available for purchase or provided by customer) and we disconnect pool.

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  • Water needs to be lowered 4 inches below tile

    **If water is not at correct level, customer is subject to $150 fee.

    Benefits of Professional Pool Closing Services

    Professional pool closing services protect the pool from damage during the winter months. They ensure proper maintenance of pool equipment, saving time and effort for the pool owner while providing peace of mind knowing that their pool is well-cared for.

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    Protects the pool from damage during the winter

    Pool closing services are essential for preventing freezing water and ice expansion that can harm the pool's structure, equipment, and plumbing system. This proactive approach not only saves you money on repairs but also spares you the hassle of dealing with avoidable issues later on.

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    Ensures proper maintenance of pool equipment

    Winterizing your pool involves a comprehensive check of all the equipment, from the filter to the pump, ensuring they are clean and free from debris that could cause damage over the colder months. This minimizes any unexpected costs due to neglected upkeep during the off-season.

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    Save time and effort and enjoy peace of mind

    Save time and effort as experienced technicians handle crucial winterization tasks, freeing you to focus on other responsibilities. Avoid the labor-intensive and time-consuming process by opting for professional services, ensuring a hassle-free winter experience and a well-prepared pool for the next season.

    Why Choose Us?

    Choose Carlton Pools for experienced and knowledgeable pool technicians, as well as quality and reliable service. Read on to learn more about our exceptional pool closing services.

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    Experienced and Knowledgeable Professionals

    Pool technicians with years of expertise handle various pool closing tasks, such as blowing out the lines, draining and hosing out filters and pumps, installing winter plugs and gizmos, as well as disconnecting pool accessories.

    Their proficiency ensures meticulous execution to prepare pools for the winter season. Additionally, they stay updated on industry advancements to provide tailored top-notch care.

    In addition, these seasoned pool technicians possess a deep understanding of maintaining pools during colder months. This allows them to identify potential issues early on and address them with precision.


    Quality Service and Attention to Detail

    Our pool technicians provide top-notch and reliable service, ensuring high standards of quality in every aspect of the pool closing process. You can trust us for a smooth and hassle-free experience with all your pool needs.

    Our team delivers consistent and trustworthy care to keep your pool in top condition year-round, providing dependable maintenance for your valuable investment.


    Reliable and Trustworthy Service

    Count on our pool closing services to be reliable and trustworthy. Our experienced and knowledgeable pool technicians ensure that your pool is well-cared for, providing quality and dependable service.

    You can have peace of mind knowing that your pool is in good hands throughout the winter season.

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