July 1, 2021

Why is My Pool Losing Water?

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You probably don’t use your swimming pool every day — even if you live in an area where it’s possible to take a quick daily dip — but most pool owners do notice when water loss occurs. No matter your area or the season, though, your pool probably loses a couple of inches per week due to numerous natural causes. If you discover larger-than-average water loss and can’t figure out why, swimming pool companies in Lehigh County, such as Carlton Pools, can help you get to the bottom of the problem.


Sometimes pool water loss is as simple as splashing it out from normal swimming pool use. If you entertain a lot or have your children’s friends over, all that excitement, splashing, and cavorting can leave your pool water levels low. If you’re unsure that splashing is the issue, simply keep swimmers out a few days to see if the water loss worsens or remains stable. Either way, be sure to fill it to the proper levels while you wait it out to prevent damage to your pool pump.

Pool Water Loss Due to Weather

All pools lose water due to simple evaporation, and not just during the summer when the heat of the sun drives evaporation. This natural process also occurs due to low humidity levels, which are prevalent during the winter. Additionally, dry spells with little rain mean your swimming pool doesn’t get nature’s refill, and even windy weather can pull out water and leave levels low. Solar blankets can reduce evaporation due to some weather while planting shrubs around the pool can stave off loss due to wind.

Backwashing for Filter Maintenance

If you just started working remotely and have a pool company that handles cleaning, you may have just noticed that filter maintenance can leave your pool levels low. When you backwash a pool filter, the system basically flushes some of the water out, which sinks water levels dramatically in a short period of time. If you think this may be the culprit, call your pool company to ask before you assume it’s leakage.

Leakage Due to Pool System Damage

Swimming pool leaks happen for a variety of reasons, and the leaks may not even be in the pool itself. Shifting roots and changes in the setting surrounding the pool have the potential to damage buried pipes, and seals around portions of pool pumps wear out, causing leakage in the process.

A pool losing water doesn’t always point to a leak, but when it does, you need swimming pool contractors in Lehigh County who can fix it fast. For pool leaks and basic weekly maintenance to everything in between, contact Carlton Pools to keep your outdoor oasis running smoothly.