April 1, 2021

Pool Trends for 2021

If you’re thinking of installing or replacing your swimming pool, you should explore the latest design trends that can enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. When considering Lehigh County swimming pool companies, make sure to turn to Carlton Pools as we have the capability to create and install custom designs, so you can enjoy a backyard feature that meets your entire household’s needs.

Below are some of the popular swimming pool trends of 2021.

Multi-Functional Pools

Pools can be so much more than just a rectangle filled with water! Many people choose to install a swimming pool in order to escape the heat of summer, provide recreation for the kids, or to provide entertainment for backyard guests. However, these days many people also want a swimming pool that can support their fitness goals. Rest assured that our Lehigh County swimming pool contractors can include a lap feature in the pool’s design!

Small Pools

Another popular pool trend this year are small custom pools that don’t take up too much property space. Often, homeowners want just enough pool space so they can cool off and unwind after a long day, but they still want to devote much of their backyard to their family pets or garden. We can build the pool to meet your desired specifications. Whether you’re looking for a cocktail pool built just off your patio or a small, uniquely shaped pool to fill a special backyard niche, you can design a model that meets your vision.

Pools with Custom Features

When contemplating your swimming pool design, you might want to consider popular pool trends like swim-up bars, multiple pool levels, and lounging platforms/ledges. Consider how you want to enjoy your backyard and pool. If you tend to entertain frequently, a swim-up bar is sure to be popular with guests. You can also include other custom features like LED lighting or sports features like built-in hoops.

Let Carlton Pools help you create your dream pool. We can discuss these and other popular design trends. A well-designed swimming pool can enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space and even increase your home’s value. Contact us to learn more about our complete line-up of design, build, and maintenance solutions!