Pool Valet Maintenance Agreement VS. Do-it-Yourself: How Your Pool Can Benefit

In the summertime, your custom in-ground swimming pool is more than just a body of water – it’s a fitness center for swimming exercises, an entertainment area for bonding with friends and a venue for hosting barbeques. However, your swimming pool is also an extended part of your home, which is why it needs to be regularly maintained. If the task of cleaning and caring for the pool is ignored, the pool may deteriorate, resulting in costly repairs.

How do you maintain your pool? Some homeowners prefer to care for their personal paradise on their own. However, maintenance can be a tedious task since it needs to be performed routinely and takes some time to complete. An alternative to cleaning the pool via do-it-yourself is to sign up for a maintenance service agreement provided by a swimming pool company in Berks County, PA. There are pros and cons to each maintenance strategy, but which is most beneficial for your pool? Let’s look at the basics.

Do-it-Yourself: The Advantage

Homeowners who clean their pool on their own terms save money on paying a professional to do it for them. If you are maintaining the pool, you have to keep track of the pool’s condition and the pool’s equipment to make sure everything is working properly. You can perform the maintenance depending on how often the pool is used rather than doing it every week.

Do-it-Yourself: The Drawbackskimming1

It is easy to fall back on conducting necessary maintenance tasks for the pool due to life’s demands. You may have a hard time finding time to clean and check the pool. Although do-it-yourself homeowners may know what needs to be done to the pool, they may not know how to do it correctly, and that could cause long-term damage.

Maintenance Agreement: The Advantage

Homeowners don’t have to worry about their pool because experienced technicians will arrive every week or once a month to clean it. That gives the homeowner more time to focus on other things. Using their education and background of the pool industry, the technicians know how to properly clean the pool correctly, which will elongate the lifespan of the pool.

Maintenance Agreement: The Drawback

Maintenance agreements can range in price depending on the size of the pool and how many extra cleaning features are added onto the service.


The Conclusion

For the pool to remain in top condition for years to come, both maintenance valet and do-it-yourself cleaning should be regularly performed. Cleaning the pool can be thought of as a tag-team effort. For example, the skilled pool technicians will properly maintain the pool, but the homeowner should keep an eye on it every once in a while. Homeowners should also make sure the water level is at the correct height so that the leaves will go into the skimmer and the pump won’t overheat. The maintenance technicians can then get rid of the leaves in the skimmer and clean the pump.

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