July 1, 2021

Why is My Pool Water Cloudy?

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Pool water can eventually become cloudy due to a variety of reasons. Understanding the source of the problem is critical in helping you turn your pool water from being cloudy to clear again. Contacting our swimming pool company in the Lehigh Valley area is also a good idea if you have any questions or concerns.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why your swimming pool water is cloudy.

Unbalanced Chlorine Levels

Chlorine plays a key role in eliminating bacteria and other types of microorganisms. However, your chlorine level can eventually become too low due to excessive rainfall or UV rays from the sun. A drop in chlorine makes it easy for microorganisms to multiply and change the appearance of your swimming pool water. On the other hand, too much chlorine can also cause your swimming pool water to appear murky. Testing the chlorine levels for your pool each day is essential in keeping an optimal balance.

Filtration Issues

Filtration problems can also cause your pool water to be cloudy. Typically, your pool filter needs to run eight hours a day to keep your swimming pool clean. However, this number will vary due to the size of the pool and how often it’s used. A filter that doesn’t run long enough will cause your pool to look cloudy due to the buildup of debris and tiny particles. Making sure that your pool filter is working at an optimal level is important in keeping your pool clean.

Excessive Amount of Calcium

The calcium levels in a swimming pool will also determine if the water looks clear or murky. Water with an excessive amount of calcium is more likely to appear cloudy. It can also damage your pool filter and plumbing due to the buildup of calcium deposits. You can add in fresh water or use a chemical water softener to balance the calcium levels and avoid future problems.

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