June 10, 2021

Poolside Drink and Snack Ideas for Kids

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Swimming and hanging out by the pool is always fun, and it’s even better when there are delicious drinks and snacks to share. Carlton Pools provides you with the ultimate custom swimming pools in Montgomery County, PA, to make summertime the best season of all. Check out these awesome poolside drink and snack ideas for kids so that your time in the pool is even more enjoyable.

Savory and Sweet Poolside Snacks

It’s important to make sure that your kids have a good meal to give them energy before they swim. Whip up a delicious bread made with chunks of yummy cheddar cheese and fresh veggies. Serve it by the slice for a quick poolside pick-me-up.

If your kids prefer their snacks to be on the sweet side, try some yummy stuffed strawberries filled with whipped cream. Top them off with mini chocolate chips for a delectable poolside treat that kids and adults alike will love.

Awesome Poolside Drinks for Kids

Although alcoholic beverages are reserved for adults, you can make some incredible poolside drinks that kids will love. Make a batch of homemade “mermaid water” featuring a mixture of fruit juice, fresh-squeezed lime, and a bit of lemon-lime soda for a little fizz. Garnish the drink with some fish-shaped gummies for a fun touch.

Of course, every kid loves a delicious milkshake, and it’s a perfect summertime companion. You can make a homemade milkshake with bananas, strawberries, or any type of fresh fruit and some vanilla or chocolate ice cream. A fresh fruit slushie with ice is a great alternative to milkshakes.

Fun Finger Foods

Your kids will likely be wrapped up in having fun when they’re swimming in the pool, so some easy finger foods are a great snack they can grab and go. Make some chewy no-bake granola bars with just a few simple ingredients that you can put together early and serve later in the day.

Other delicious poolside snacks that you can make in a pinch include fruit-flavored gelatin shapes, coconut snowballs, and a variety of mini muffins. These snacks are a cinch to prepare, and they’ll keep the kids satisfied and full until they’re finished swimming.

A Summer to Remember

Try these awesome poolside drink and snack ideas for kids to make this summer one they’ll never forget.

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