May 24, 2021

The Popularity of Swim-Up Bars

One of the coolest features you could possibly introduce to your pool is a swim-up bar. It’s not a new concept in any way, but there’s a good reason why it has remained such a popular choice among homeowners – young and old.

Why are Swim-Up Bars a Hit?

For starters, who needs to splurge on an expensive 5-star resort when you can bring home the feeling of a luxurious tropical oasis right in your backyard? Plus, it’s an entertainer’s dream when you have guests over. And if you have kids to watch, why not keep an eye on them with a delicious cocktail or mocktail in hand?

You don’t even need an oversized backyard. Swim-up bars can be introduced into pools of different sizes with a little design ingenuity, so you don’t need to add another bar on your patio. The reasons to introduce a swim-up bar in your home are boundless if you have the resources.

What to Consider When Setting Up a Swim-Up Bar

A typical swim-up bar includes a few barstools set up against a counter. The top of the barstools should be just below the waterline, so the person sitting is partially submerged while the other half is over the water surface.

The counter should be large enough to accommodate the barstools surrounding it and can be used as a decorative focal point with mosaic, stone tiling, or tropical décor. You should ideally also set up a cabinet near the bar to accommodate cups and glasses.

Swim-up bars are usually installed in the shallower section of your pool, where the water height is between 30 and 42 inches. To block dangerous UV sun rays, you can even install a shade structure like a pavilion, large umbrella, or pergola.

How to Design a Swim-Up Bar

Style and functionality are the cornerstones of a well-designed swim-up bar. The biggest thing to consider is the space available. The size and shape of your pool and backyard will determine how much space you can earmark for the swim-up bar area.

Once you are able to get a practical, functional, and stylish design created, you should have a better idea of how much it may end up costing you.

Swim-up bars are exciting introductions to any pool space, especially if you are looking to build a custom swimming pool in your Montgomery County home. If you’re looking to add one to your home or invest in swimming pool renovations this summer, contact the professionals at Carlton Pools today.