June 11, 2018

Safety Tips To Follow This Summer at the Pool

Homeowners with pools will soon be spending more time outside by their pool, and if you happen to own one, it is important to remember to remain alert at all times. We don’t want to make you nervous about your pool, but at the same time, we always want to make sure pool owners stay safe when enjoying the summer sun. Follow these tips to keep everyone safe and your pool running properly:

Never Leave Kids Alone

No parent should ever allow young children to play in the pool unattended. Depending on their age, running inside to grab a drink or snack is acceptable, but leaving the children outside alone for long periods of time can be very dangerous. It is also a smart move to make sure a house phone or cell phone is nearby just in case an emergency occurs.

Clean Your Pool Often

Just because someone doesn’t get injured while playing at the pool, doesn’t mean everyone is entirely safe. A dirty pool can lead to a ton of bacteria and germs in the water. However, making an effort to clean your pool regularly can help keep all swimmers safe. Nowadays, there are even automatic pool cleaners that can clean your pool while you relax.

Remember Your Pets

While it is easy to remember to keep watch over children playing in the pool, the same goes for your dogs, cats, etc. Just because your dog may know how to get in and out of the pool without a problem doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be watching. An accident can also spook your dog, which can cause he or she to start to panic. Keep an extra eye on the furry ones when outside.

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