August 9, 2018

Could You Save Money By Improving Your Pool Circulation?

Imagine dropping a spoonful of sugar into your morning coffee and immediately taking a sip — without stirring. It wouldn’t taste right, would it?

The water in your pool also needs to be “stirred” by its pumps and jets. Proper pool circulation provides several benefits and will save you plenty of money on pool maintenance:

Use Fewer Chemicals

When you add chemicals to your pool, the ultimate goal is for them to spread evenly throughout the water, not to clump in a corner. If your pool has poor circulation, however, you may have to add more chemicals to ensure that it is safely treated.

Spend Less to Heat Your Pool

The sun naturally warms the top of your pool’s water, but it doesn’t always reach deeper areas. Additionally, your pool’s heater may struggle to warm every section of the water. With good circulation, however, your pool will be evenly heated, lowering your energy bill and lengthening your swimming season.

Enjoy a Cleaner Pool

Well-circulated water regularly moves through your pool’s filter, which will separate any particles that make your water dirty and unsafe for swimming. With poor pool circulation, however, unwanted debris can build up.

How Can You Ensure Better Pool Circulation?

All pools will feature some “dead areas” that have inadequate circulation. These dead areas may include the place behind your ladder, crevices in the walls, or the region in and around your pool steps. You should brush these areas at least once a week to break up debris and stop microorganisms from growing.

You should also:

  • Position jets to release water in the opposite direction of the pool skimmer
  • Run your filter at least eight hours a day and clean it regularly
  • Vacuum the bottom of your pool once a week

A great cleaning system can make it even easier to increase your pool circulation and spend less money over time. When the Carlton Pools team builds custom swimming pools in Montgomery County, PA, and across the region, we will install the PCC 2000 ® automatic pool cleaning system. This specially-designed system returns clean water throughout the entire pool floor, which improves its overall circulation.

To find out more about the Carlton Pools swimming pool company in Berks County and how to improve your pool’s circulation, please contact us today!