March 18, 2020

Steps for Opening Your Swimming Pool

We know you’re itching to feel the warm summer sun on your skin and enjoy a dip in cool water in your backyard pool. Those days are almost here, but not quite yet. Still, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time to prepare for our grand pool re-opening. After all, the best time to open is when the temperatures hover around 70, which doesn’t seem too far off in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

What Do I Need?

STEP 1: Clean Your Pool Cover. You can’t just rip off your pool cover, toss it in storage, and call it a day. You have to clean it first. Start by gently brushing off large debris with a soft broom, then use a pool cover pump to safely remove any standing water. 

STEP 2: Remove Your Pool Cover. You might want to grab an extra pair of hands for this step. Lift your pool cover up off the pool and spread it out on a flat surface. Use the designated pool cover cleaner and a brush to give your cover a deep-clean. Rinse it off and dry, either with a towel or leaf blower. Make sure it’s completely dry before you fold it up and store it in an airtight container. Otherwise, you’ll find some nice mold growth on the cover come closing time. 

STEP 3: Clean the Pool Water. Once the pool cover is gone, you’ll finally be reintroduced to your beloved pool. We know you’re eager to begin de-winterizing, but grab your skimmer and do a quick sweep of the pool first. Removing large debris now will prevent your filtration system from clogging.  

STEP 4: Remove Winterizing Equipment. It’s time to undo all the hard work you put into winterizing your pool. Before removing your winterizing plugs, make sure you safely unload all the antifreeze that’s sitting in your pipes. Then you can go around and take off all the winterizing plugs from your skimmer, pump, filter, return lines, and all your other pool equipment. 

STEP 5: Reinstall Drain Plugs. It’s easiest to reinstall the drain plugs as you’re removing the winterizing plugs. 

STEP 6: Reinstall Pool Accessories. Did you remove any ladders, rails, diving boards, or other pool accessories before closing the pool last season? Now is the time to reinstall everything. Make sure you inspect each component for damage or rust before reusing it. 

STEP 7: Raise the Pool Water. Go ahead and run the pump to refill the pool. You should stop once when the water level reaches halfway up the skimmer. Taking this step now will clean and treat the pool water all at once. 

STEP 8: Reactive Water Circulation System. Once every pool appliance and accessory is back in place and secured tightly, it’s time to turn the water circulation system back on. You’ll want to let the circulation and filtration system do its thing for a couple of hours, but you should stick around for the next five to ten minutes to check that everything is working properly. 

STEP 9: Condition the Water. Your pool is almost ready for use. But first, you have to condition the water. Make sure you have the right pool chemical start-up kit on hand. If you don’t know which kit is the best for you, ask your trusted swimming pool builder from Carlton Pools. Start by testing the water, then add pool chemicals as needed. Your pH should hover between 7.2 to 7.8, while your alkalinity should lie between 80 to 120 ppm. 

STEP 10: Clean Pool. You have to clean your pool just one more time to make sure it’s safe for swimming. Use a pool vacuum and brush to remove any dirt from the pool surface and pool accessories, respectively. Then, add plenty of shock and chlorine to your pool to kill any dangerous bacteria that are lingering in the water. Let your filter do its thing for at least 24 hours before anyone uses the pool. 

That’s it! You’re all done! 

If you’re a new pool owner or you just find the opening process too overwhelming to handle by yourself, don’t panic. We have trained swimming pool contractors throughout Warminster, West Chester, Toms River, and many other nearby areas that can help you open, maintain, and close your pool when the time comes. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.