March 7, 2018

Why Swimming is Great for Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that can strike at any age. Arthritis occurs when a joint becomes inflamed and painful. It can make movement difficult, which is why many people turn to anti-inflammatory medications. The good news is that low-impact exercise, such as swimming, can provide arthritis sufferers with much-needed relief.

If you’re looking at that giant, open space in your backyard and thinking about having a pool installed to help your arthritis, you’ll need to contact a company who can do the job right. Carlton Pools has earned a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful pools of all time, so if you’re searching for swimming pool contractors in Lehigh County or swimming pool contractors in Berks County, check them out first.

The experts at Carlton Pools know that when you swim, almost ninety percent of your body weight is supported by the water. This almost weightless environment, coupled with support from the water, does wonders for arthritis because it aids in overcoming painful joint movements that are the hallmark of arthritis.

Swimming also tones up the muscles that surround those painful joints without causing discomfort that other, higher-impact exercise would create. Those suffering from long-term illness or disability also frequently choose swimming for their low-impact exercise, precisely for this reason.

Did you know that swimming even increases your strength and flexibility? As an arthritis sufferer, this is important because it will help you prevent further muscle loss that could otherwise result from inactivity.

In addition to increasing your strength and flexibility, swimming also reduces joint pain and helps combat fatigue. As you might imagine, when your joints hurt, the last activity on your mind is probably jogging around the block. Swimming gives you a welcoming form of exercise without any of the pain.

Another reason that you might want to consider a swimming pool for your arthritis is pain relief. Swimming can help relieve the pain and stiffness that comes from arthritis because the water provides warmth and buoyancy.

Water aerobics, for example, provides a gentle form of exercise that supports both joints and muscles. The simple act of sitting in water dilates blood vessels and increases circulation because your body temperature increases. The water also provides resistance which builds muscle strength. To learn more about why swimming can help relieve arthritis, contact us at 888-372-0102.