November 16, 2017

How to Talk to Your Child About Winter Pool Safety

For parents of small children, pools are a massive danger to the health and well being of their little ones. Children often do not understand the dangers of the pool. Instead, they see it as a fun toy that they have complete command over. This is especially true for toddlers, who are still learning how to navigate the world around them and who can be surprisingly mobile if not kept under the watchful eye of mom and dad. Carlton Pools, one of the leading swimming pool companies in Bucks County, is warning parents that it’s especially important to talk to their child about pool safety even when the pool is closed during the fall and winter in order to avoid a serious accident.

Talking to your children about staying safe when they are playing around the pool in the colder months starts with helping children understand why the pool is closed in the first place. Many young children may be frustrated by their sudden lack of access to a swimming pool and may try to take matters into their own hands by wandering over to the pool when you have your back turned. Instead of dismissing their questions or ignoring them, pool contractors in Bucks County advise parents to take an active hand in showing their child why and how the pool is closed during the winter. While holding onto you, take your child to the edge of the pool when you are closing it and allow them to feel how cold the water is. Ask them questions like “You don’t want to swim in cold water, do you?” Most importantly, help your child understand that the pool cover cannot be walked on – children have been injured when a ball or toy blew onto the pool cover and the child raced after it, only to fall in the water.

Water safety might be important for the spring and summer but understanding the pool is just as important during the cooler months as well. This season, stay safe with your child and always remember to keep a close watch on your little ones during outdoor play time.

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