February 24, 2023

The Best Pool Toys for Kids

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While nothing beats splashing around in the swimming pool on a hot summer day, having pool toys to play with can help children have even more fun than they were having before! If you’re thinking about purchasing new toys for your family to go with your new backyard pool and aren’t sure what they’d enjoy, check out our best pool toys for kids!

Hoop Games

With an inflatable hoop, kids can take their basketball skills with them to the swimming pool! Hoop toys are among the best pool toys for kids and offer a whole new way to play their favorite sports. Of course, inflatable hoops aren’t just limited to basketball — you can find versions for cornhole as well as nets for volleyball. Whatever your child’s favorite sport may be, it’s likely that you can find a swimming pool equivalent for them to enjoy. A durable basketball hoop or volleyball net will entertain you and your family for many summers to come!

Diving Toys

Some of the best pool toys for kids aren’t used above the water — but below! Older children who want to show off their diving skills in the deep end will love pool balls and similar toys that sink to the bottom of the pool. Of course, diving toys can be enjoyed in just about any part of the pool! Some of these toys even resemble pirate treasure, complete with a chest to store them in when they aren’t played with.


Other underwater kids pool toys you should look out for are swim thru hoops. Diving rings are not only enjoyable at summer pool parties but are great for those who want to practice their swimming skills. Another popular pool toy to keep an eye out for are underwater gliders, which function almost like a boomerang. Kids will love to throw them and chase them around underwater!

Pool Noodles

One of the best pool toys for kids is a classic you’re likely already familiar with — the pool noodle! This brightly colored toy is easy for anyone to carry around and has become a staple of pool time for a reason. Their versatility allows children to use them however they like, whether as pretend swords or whatever suits their imagination. However, although pool noodles will always be beloved kids’ pool toys, know that they are not a substitute for flotation devices.

Fun Floats and Inner Tubes

Pool floats aren’t just one of the best pool toys for kids, but also one of the most versatile and diverse kinds as well. Whether they resemble a lounge chair or in the shape of an animal or boat, kids will enjoy riding and relaxing on a float after a long day in the pool. Depending on their size, a pool float can be a great toy for kids and adults alike!

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