January 23, 2018

Three Advantages of An Above-Ground Pool

If you can’t have an in-ground pool in your backyard due to space or ground-quality concerns, don’t despair, call our Carlton Pools swimming pool contractors serving Lehigh County, PA, and other local areas! Above-ground pools have made huge advancements in recent years, and they now offer a host of benefits over in-ground pools. Some of the benefits that above-ground pools offer over their in-ground include:

  • Cost. Because above-ground pools are typically smaller, you’ll save thousands over the lifespan of your pool in addition to the lower upfront cost required for installation. You’ll spend less money on chemicals to keep the water clean, and if you live in an area that gets colder weather, you’ll spend less heating the water.
  • Easier installation. When compared to an in-ground pool, above-ground pools offer a quick and simple installation process. Instead of employing a construction team to dig a hole in your yard, above-ground pools simply need to be placed correctly and filled with water. Most installation experts can finish the job in a single day – perfect for families with impatient kids eager to get in the pool!
  • Improved safety. Drownings in residential pools have become a major concern for parents across the county. According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of one and four, and about 390 deaths a year are attributed to drowning in a swimming pool or hot tub. It is significantly more difficult for children to fall into an above-ground pool, especially if a side ladder is the only access point from the exterior of the pool. Above-ground pools offer a safer alternative for parents with small children.

Ready to get started on the backyard of your dreams with an above-ground pool installation? Let Carlton Pools give you a hand and get you started planning your new home makeover! Give our Berks County, PA swimming pool contractors a call today at 888-372-0102 to learn more about Doughboy brand above-ground pools currently being offered alongside professional installation from our team!