January 23, 2018

Three Ways to Use Your Pool to Help Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit

Now that we’ve officially welcomed 2018, how will you be working to make changes to improve your life in the coming year? If you’re like many other Americans, you probably want to get healthier to live longer, feel better, or set a good example for your children, and if you are considering installing a pool in your home, it can be easy! Read on to learn three ways how using your Bucks County, PA custom swimming pool more often (when the weather is right) can improve your health:

  • You’ll lose weight. If your doctor has told you that your New Year’s resolution should be to shed a few pounds, you’re certainly not alone. 7 in 10 Americans are now classified as overweight or obese, which can lead to serious long-term health problems. Swimming is a great way to lose weight, as the exercise has the potential to burn up to 600 calories an hour if you’re swimming at a fast speed.
  • You’ll see better cholesterol scores. The problem with America’s cholesterol is that we have too much of the “bad” kind (LDL that builds up in the arteries) and not enough of the “good” kind (HDL which breaks down LDL) as a whole. While LDL is gained from eating fatty foods, HDL is naturally made when we exercise. Spending less time lying on the couch and more time playing a game of water polo with the kids can help you create more HDL, leading to better cholesterol scores during your next doctor’s visit.
  • You’ll build a stronger heart. Current recommendations from the American Heart Association advises everyone to get at least 30 minutes of heart-racing exercise to help keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart attacks. Swimming is a great way for those with sensitive joints for whom traditional cardio like running is too painful. Try out the freestyle or crawl stroke for the best heart health!

If you’ve been considering adding a pool to your home, give the team at Carlton Pools a call today at 888-372-0102 to get started! We’ll help you design, build, install, or maintain a custom swimming pool in Montgomery County, PA, as well as other local areas.