October 13, 2020

Tips for Making Your Backyard Cozier This Fall

Your swimming pool contractor has finished building the pool of your dreams; your pool is officially closed for the season, and autumn is in full swing. Now is the time to reclaim your backyard space for entertaining and relaxation this fall. Let’s run down some tips to make your outdoor living area its cozy best until it’s time to get back in the swim of things come springtime.

Bring Creature Comforts Outdoors

To get truly cozy out back, think about the creature comforts that make the interior of your home so appealing. Comfortable outdoor seating is essential, whether you only have room for a few chairs or you have space enough to accommodate an entire sectional grouping. Plump pillows on every seat are mandatory, and thick rugs underfoot add to the comforting atmosphere and keep feet warm when the mercury starts to dip. Drape a few throws or afghans on the backs of furniture to encourage snuggling up and letting the cares of the day slip away.

Set a Welcoming Mood

It’s hard to beat the ambiance that comes along with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Not only does the warmth of the fire extend your outdoor entertaining season by many weeks or longer, but it also encourages relaxing and spending long evenings conversing with friends and family. And the kids will love it for roasting marshmallows or making s’mores!

Light Up the Night

Create an inviting vibe with the right lighting. You can easily add to your fixed outdoor lighting with string lights that you drape across banisters or wind through the rafters of your ceiling or pergola. Party-themed lights are a cutesy addition for specific outdoor gatherings in the backyard, or choose standard clear or white string or fairy lights for general purpose lighting. What’s more, don’t overlook candles. Candles placed strategically throughout your outdoor space add a soft glow while also helping to illuminate the area.

Add Seasonal Touches

Decorating your backyard space can be fun and is a good way to add color and liven things up a bit. Consider seasonal florals, such as several pots of mums in blazing red, gold, yellow, and orange hues or other attention-grabbing yet fall-hardy container plants. A few pumpkins and gourds scattered here and there can reinforce your fall theme.

Consider a Spa or Hot Tub

If you miss your swimming pool during the off-season and your backyard square footage permits, consider a winter-time alternative: a spa or hot tub. Nothing beats cozying up for a soak, glass of wine in hand while you relax and unwind. Swim spas are also quite popular, giving you enough room to get a few “laps” in no matter the temperature. Carlton Pools can set you up with the spa of your choice.

There you have it, several great ideas for using your backyard far beyond the end of swim season!