December 21, 2022

Treat Santa to a Holiday Pool Party!

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Do you own a pool? Then it will be the perfect place to host a holiday event! There are many different ways that homeowners can execute their vision for a pool party — but regardless of whether or not you have a floating Christmas treel, there are several things you can do to make it an enjoyable experience. If you plan to host a holiday pool party event this winter season, here are three important steps to make your gathering the best it can be.

Set Up Winter Decorations

First and foremost, turning your backyard patio into a winter wonderland is essential for setting the mood for a holiday pool party. Just as you would decorate your front yard during the holiday season, there are many ways to make your pool area as festive as possible. Hanging up Christmas lights, ornaments, ribbons, poinsettias, and other well-known decorations is a great way to prepare for a gathering. You can also try lining the edges of your pool with tinsel! Of course, there’s no better way to decorate your pool area for the holiday season than setting up a Christmas tree — even floating Christmas trees for pools is a great idea. Don’t forget to create a playlist of holiday classics to help set the tone for the party!

Schedule Holiday Activities

Beyond just chatting with guests, there are many activities you can schedule for a holiday pool party. For example, you can host holiday-themed pool games or even rename well-known activities to fit the event. Entertainment isn’t exclusive to the pool either, as you can hold a party in your patio or backyard as well. If there are children attending, you can set up a gingerbread house-making table as a craft. Alternatively, you can schedule a poolside secret Santa or gift exchange if you have older guests.

Promote Safety

Anyone who plans to host a holiday pool party should never neglect safety. As a result, you should always take steps to ensure the safety of your guests so everyone can have an enjoyable holiday experience. Keeping a first aid kit on hand, watching children closely, so they don’t fall, and reminding guests of safety rules — like not running near the pool — are essential. Additionally, you’ll want to prepare your pool well in advance, such as adjusting the PH and double-checking that all the components function as they should.


Unless you’re planning a Christmas-in-July gathering, it’s likely going to be chilly during your holiday pool party. Given how cold the winter season is, you should take measures to ensure guests stay warm throughout the event. This can include bringing extra towels and blankets and creating sources of warmth like bonfires. Consider serving hot beverages like hot chocolate and apple cider, as they’re winter treats that warm the body and the soul!

Hosting a Holiday Pool Party? We Can Help!

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