Service You Can Trust

Too Busy to Maintain Your Pool?

Carlton Pools’ valet service can take care of the maintenance for you!

Have our highly skilled pool professionals prepare your pool for the upcoming swimming season. We keep your pool clean and running with services that include: Pool Brushed, Pool Skimmed, Pool Vacuumed, Backwash if needed, Clean Skimmer Baskets, Clean Pump Baskets, Empty Cleaner Basket, Check Lights & Heater, Water Professionally Tested, and pH & Cl – Bal. & Algaecide Added!

Find out more about our service department and team to find out why Carlton Pools is the right choice.

Before & After Valet Service

Packages Include:

  • Pool Brushed
  • Pool Skimmed
  • Pool Vacuumed
  • Backwash if needed
  • Clean Skimmer Baskets
  • Clean Pump Baskets
  • Empty Cleaner Basket
  • Check Lights & Heater
  • Water Professionally Tested
  • pH & Cl – Bal. & Algaecide Added