April 23, 2018

Ways You Can Spruce Up and Glamorize Your Inground Swimming Pool

Whether you own a residential or commercial swimming pool, there’s almost unlimited potential to enhance your pool and the space surrounding it. The trick to it all, we think, is simply knowing what your options are, and what appeals to you the most.

Harnessing the Waterfall

Since your swimming pool is already dedicated to the element of water, why not maximize what you can do with it? With the aid of our designers here at Carlton Pools, you can easily integrate a shimmering and soothing waterfall into any pool. Just envision the glimmer of the stones and water, as it cascades gently overhead.

If you own an in-ground lagoon-style swimming pool, a waterfall is the ideal addition to what you already have. With a correct placement of all-natural stone, you can even construct a makeshift private rock cave—romantic seating included!

Bubblers and Jets

A long-time favorite with children, fountain bubblers act like tiny geysers, easily fit into the corner of your pool’s shallow end. As far as pool enhancements go, fountain bubblers remain relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Nearby your bubblers, you may think about arching deck jets. With laminar jets, you can shoot streams of water across the length of your pool—illuminating with a rainbow of fiber-optic colors. A window sensor can automatically turn off your jets when storms start brewing outdoors.

Water Slides and Luxuries

Safer, and more fun, than diving boards, water slides can transform any swimming pool from the backyard oasis into the water park. Catering to children, as well as teenagers and adults, a slide can be customized for nearly any swimming pool. When you work with Carlton Pools, it’s simple to get the waterslide that you want, professionally and properly installed.

As fun as waterslides may be, there’s a serenity and a romanticism that only a hydrotherapeutic hot tub can deliver. Aside from being steamy and dreamy, hot tubs create a swimming pool that is both relaxing and restorative—conferring all of the physical health benefits that you associate with heat treatments and massage.

You don’t have to stop at hydraulics, either. Lighting is as much a part of the atmosphere as any other part of your swimming part. By consulting with our experts here at Carlton Pools, you can renovate your in-ground swimming pool with the best designers, installers, and contractors in the trade. Contact us at 888-372-0102.