April 12, 2024

When is the Best Time to Buy a Pool?

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Deciding when to buy a pool can be tricky. One important fact is that the end of the swimming season, in the fall, is often the best time. This article will guide you through why this season offers advantages like lower prices and better builder availability.

Determining the Best Time to Purchase a Pool

The best time to purchase a pool depends on several factors. These include the fall season advantages and winter season considerations, impacting both pricing and construction timelines.

Fall Season Advantages

Fall is the perfect season to invest in a swimming pool due to several enticing reasons. First, companies offer significant discounts on pool materials, supplies, and installation during these months.

Homeowners looking to add landscaping around their new water feature or considering an above-ground model will find prices more affordable.

Interest rates for financing a big purchase like a swimming pool might go up at the start of the new year. Making your investment in fall can save you money on borrowing costs.

Also, weather delays are less likely as fall provides more predictable conditions favorable for constructing in-ground pools. This ensures that builders work efficiently, sticking to first-come, first-served without unnecessary hold-ups.

Winter Season Considerations

Choosing to buy a pool during the winter season can save you money. Since not many people think about swimming in cold weather, companies lower their prices. This makes it cheaper for you to install an above-ground or in-ground bath area.

Pool construction crews are more available too, because they have fewer projects.

Landscaping around your new swimming area also becomes easier to plan for spring. You have plenty of time to decide on designs and plants before the warm weather returns. Now let’s look at what factors influence pool price even further.

Factors Influencing Pool Price

Pool prices are influenced by the availability of pool builders and prevailing weather conditions. Pool builders’ schedules and the impact of weather directly affect the cost of pool construction.

Pool Builders’ Availability

Finding the right time to hire a pool builder can make a big difference. They often have more open schedules and might offer deals during the fall because they’re looking for work all year long.

This means you could get started on adding that new above ground pool or planning the landscaping around your pool without having to wait too long.

Planning ahead is key since some pool constructors get booked up to a year in advance. If you start early, especially before winter, you might also catch discounts on new fiberglass pools as builders introduce new models at the beginning of each year.

This approach not only saves money but ensures your backyard oasis is ready by summer.

Weather Conditions

Transitioning from pool builders’ availability to weather conditions, it’s important to consider the impact of climate when planning a pool purchase. In most regions, fall is characterized by more moderate weather and drier conditions, making it an ideal time for pool installation.

The favorable weather allows for efficient construction and prevents delays often caused by extreme temperatures or inclement weather.

Installing a pool during the fall season also provides ample time for landscaping around the pool area before spring arrives. This ensures that once warmer weather hits, your outdoor space will be ready to enjoy without any additional disruptions or constructions.

When Do Pools Go on Sale?

Pools typically go on sale toward the end of the swimming season, particularly in the fall. During this time, many pool retailers offer discounts on pool materials, supplies, and equipment as they prepare to clear out their inventory for the upcoming off-season.

This makes it an ideal time to purchase a pool and take advantage of cost savings before interest rates potentially rise in the new year.


So when is the best time to buy a pool? The best time to purchase a pool is during the fall season. Pool companies and builders typically offer discounts as they clear their inventory, making it an ideal time for installation.

Additionally, the weather in the fall is more suitable for pool construction, allowing ample time to plan for the upcoming swimming season. This timing not only offers cost savings but also ensures availability and favorable conditions for landscaping around your new pool.

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